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Animate with Will – Behind the Scenes Part 2 (Demo)

In our first interview on Video Animation we learned from Creative Director, Grainne Moore about the first stages of creating an animation video. In the second part we speak to Lead Animator, William Conway who takes us through the next steps in building an animation video.
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Once Grainne has formulated the characters it is the job of our Lead Animator to bring these to life.
Q: After the creative director has handed over the project what is the next step in making an animation video?
I look over the storyboard and the characters already created by Grainne and determine what steps are needed to be taken in order to bring them to life. I take the illustrations that have been created and break them into component parts that will be needed for the animation.
Q: How do you break them into components?
I arrange the illustrator file into separate layers according to what parts need to move. Then the illustrator files are brought into Adobe After Effects.
Q: Where do you go from there?
Looking at the storyboard again I create a composition for each scene. After Effects gives me great control over movements both small and large. I begin by plotting out the rough movements of characters, objects and backgrounds, before moving on to the finer details.

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Q: Is the process the same for all animation projects?
It really depends on the complexity of the storyboard and what the client requires. In a 2D animation, I sometimes introduce an extra layer of depth by a process we call Faux 3D. Think of it like arranging cardboard cut outs in a scene. Other times a much more in-depth process is required.
Q: What does that process involve?
If the client wants particularly detailed 3D elements such as a technical visualisation of their product, I will use a separate 3D rendering program called Blender. This is sort of like sculpting. The 3D objects are then brought into After Effects and manipulated along with the other elements.
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Q: Where does it go from there?
Once I have finished all of the animation I send it over to Dermot, our editor in chief, for editing and sound design.
Next time we speak to Dermot Condron about his input into animation projects.
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