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16 May: How VR Training can help your organisation through COVID-19

As our restrictions continue, every business owner is pondering how COVID-19 will impact their company and what challenges the wider economy will face when this dark cloud eventually lifts. The ‘Wartime Economy’ seems to be a fitting analogy, as some businesses thrive others will flounder. Social distancing restrictions have led…

12 Mar: VR Training: a solution to Coronavirus travel restrictions

In an environment where travel is becoming further restricted amid growing COVID-19 concerns, virtual reality (VR) is rapidly becoming a viable alternative for travelling to in-person collaborations to crowded conferences, site inspections, meetings, training courses and in support of work-from-home mandates. HTC VIVE has chosen to use Waterford based Immersive…

Virtual training for millennial employees
11 Dec: Virtual Training and the millennial employee: Start preparing now for your future workforce

Introduction  A lot has been written about millennials, those born between 1981-1996 approximately.  The hypothesis is often negative and myth based. A lot of the commentary on millennials is not based on fact and is intended to stir up emotions.  However, research shows that Millennials are a distinct demographic of…