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Droning on about video database (Demo)

Have look at this newfangled gadget and it really does prove my point that making the video is actually the easy bit.  LILY the Auto Drone

Why bother Setting up a Video Database?

So a potential client of ours hit me with a bouncer straight out of the blocks!! “Why do I need you to make a video that I can make myself?’ Yes, it was out of left field and very nearly stumped me but my retort was that he didn’t. However if he wanted to capitalise on the power of video, I would show him how to set up a video database to help him to get proactive on the video front.

You have to realise that some products are aesthetically pleasing and you are better showing them off on YouTube rather than trying to encourage people searching to engage through a link embedded in a returned search, hard work that. Some videos lie dormant on servers only looked at by the people that posted them.

At MakinMediaMobile we devise a strategy and set up your video database, get it working for you. It is all about making a plan and fitting it to what you need it to do for you. Pre-sales, sales or post sales. Reinforcing a pitch or explaining a specific USP that your offering has over another. Maybe testing the market in Dubai with your own Arabic voice over allowing the locals there to see just how good your products are.

In conversation with the marketing director of a leading national confectionery company, a household name across the nation, I ask how much did they spend on what I class as one of the best explainer videos I know of. To be honest I have attributed at least 100 of the 2400 hit the video has received in the two years it has been post by telling people to go watch a well made Explainer video. No good, you need to be clocking the hits, out their building your brand. The guy even told me of this social media team that they had in house. Now they need to get off Facebook!!

Check out this young fella, if you need to see what a good YouTube campaign can do. Have a guess at the numbers that this young fella generates with some fantastic animation mind you. Guess how many hits and followers then Click Here to find the answers.

Five Nights At Freddy’s 2 Animation | Jacksepticeye

video database success stories

Did you guess the number of hits and followers he has! Mad! Eh, well welcome to 2015, isn’t it fantastic to see talent getting rewarded.
Yesterday myself and Winnie headed off to an Enterprise Ireland outing about exporting, Simon Cross from Cross Engineering in Rathhangan was the keynote. After a quick introduction, Mr Cross expounded how his YouTube video database was a priority in his firm and helped them to become global leader in their field.

Little Anecdote for you before I hit the hay, When Sean Kelly became the World Number One in cycling they interviewed his grandfather and when questioned on Sean’s fantastic achievement, his Granddad replied ‘sure why wouldn’t he be, he’s on that bike the whole time’

At MakinMediaMobile we know how handy it is to make a video, with over 96% of 800 Irish 15-35 yo owned smartphones*. So they will all be at it, but remember it all about making it work for you. Look us up if you need some advice about how to go about setting us a video database that will do justice for your firm.

Live long and prosper. MakinMediaMobile


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