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Introducing “Meet Mersus” – Mersus’ inaugural official video biography

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“Meet Mersus” is an exciting new docu-series launched by Mersus Technologies. This 13-part series offers an in-depth look at the company, introducing you to various Mersus Staff members who play pivotal roles in shaping the company’s presence in the virtual reality industry. The series promises to be an informative journey, featuring a broad spectrum of professionals from staff and management to students. The series showcases diverse roles within the company, including creative and immersive developers, business architects, concept artists, and technical officers, highlighting the wide range of career opportunities at Mersus and the appeal of each.

The video series is produced by Robert Callaghan, a 4th Year Digital Marketing student, who aims to convey a meaningful message about Mersus’ passion and commitment to the VR world.

Week 1

The first week features Cillian Corr, a Creative Developer, Jordan Murphy, an Immersive Developer, and Ian Chan, a Business Architect.

Cillian Corr

As a Creative Developer, Cillian discusses his gaming experiences that fueled his passion for the intricate details in VR and the significance of creativity in his work. He shares the fulfilment he derives from customer satisfaction and the unique importance of VR to him and the company.

Jordan Murphy

Jordan Murphy, a Lead Immersive Developer, elaborates on the value he finds in teamwork within the company and how VR is an integral part of his daily life. He delves into how VR enhances gaming or training environments with additional layers and complexity, expressing his fascination with the constantly evolving nature of VR technology.

Ian Chan

Ian Chan, a Business Architect, speaks on the critical aspect of scalability in VR platform design, the importance of fostering strong relationships with trainees and clients, and the utility of VR products for consumers. Ian also discusses the value of continuously acquiring new knowledge and skills in the VR industry.

These initial three staff videos offer a glimpse into Mersus’ dynamic team and the innovative ways they integrate creativity and contributions from Avatar Academy. The next profiles will introduce Simon Lesne, Polly Wong, and Joseph Salicram, further expanding on the diverse talent within Mersus.

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