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In the final part of our Meet Mersus company documentary series, we now unveil a 5 minute film on our company.  This is a small glimpse into our world of Virtual Reality production, and we hope it is insightful for those curious about our industry.   

We get insight into the history of the company and how the vision of Geoffrey Allen and Dermot Condron grew into the company we see today.  They share how Mersus grew from its humble beginnings as a small animation studio in a shed, to the vibrant VR studio it is now.  

We hear from different staff members who talk about their passion for research, learning, the development of VR, 3d modelling, concept art and talent acquisition.   Staff speak about the company culture and what motivates them in their role.  

The film also touches on the company’s values, and the importance it places on diversity and inclusion, both in the workplace and in the accessibility of the end product.  Mersus firmly believe that diversity in the workplace leads to a more accessible and robust end product, that resonates with a larger audience.   This is crucial when producing VR for training.  

We learn about the Avatar Academy platform, Mersus’ flagship product, and its scalability enables effective and efficient training.  We hear from the people for whom the architecture of the platform is their passion and how they look forward to guiding its development in the future.   

We also gain some insights from students and interns about what it is like to work at Mersus and the skills and learnings that they gain.  This section includes the filmmaker, Robert Callahan, digital marketing student from TUS! 

We hope the Meet Mersus company documentary series has been interesting for viewers and has given them an insight into the work we love at Mersus!