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The Animation Industry – the future is bright! (Demo)

Ireland has become a hub of creativity and artistic talent, particularly within the animation industry. Animation is captivating large audiences not only in national scale but also globally. Irish animation studios are working with some of the biggest names in broadcasting such as Disney, Nickelodeon and the BBC making animations that are captivating millions of children all over the world. Some of the well known studios in the industry include Brown Bags films, who are based in Dublin. They are producing cutting edge animation for the international market with their work on Doc McStuffins and Peter Rabbit. Cartoon Saloon is another animation company who are doing well internationally. Their best known production is The Secret of Kells being nominated for an academy award and their recent project the Song of the Sea.

animation industry
Grainne, our creative director, composing and editing images

The Animation Industry is moving forward

Technology is ever evolving in the animation industry. Let’s go back to over 80 years when it is long ago since the principles of animation were mainly set out by the Disney studio. Since the 1930s a frame by frame technique for storyboards was being used. Now we have computer generated images where scanning, colouring, and digital compositing have become the norm and studios have become more technically advanced editing in 2D and 3D.

Animation for business

A significant number of businesses are beginning to rely on animation using explainer videos to get their message across to audiences. By having an Explainer video as part of your marketing strategy for your product/service it can provide a whole host of benefits. Using animation not only allows the audience to engage more with your business but can also open the door to establishing a greater presence in the marketplace both nationally and internationally.

explainer video
Award winning business OxyMem using Explainer video to highlight their aeration treatment solution

MakinMediaMobile – Animating to help your business

With the success of many Irish animation studios the future looks bright for the animation industry. It is true in saying that each and every animation studio have their own style and talent leading them to that success. Here at MakinMediaMobile we have a strong dedicated hardworking team that play an important role in animation. The team combines great talent and passion for animation which has led to our own success in building a strong client base with a great portfolio of work. We can help your business reach large audiences through improving your online presence with an animated explainer video. Why not take a look at some of our work. You can see our portfolio of animations on our website and below is our animation showreel, enjoy!

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