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Post Project – the End is only the Beginning

an image showing analytical tools symbolising our post-project support for vr

At Mersus Technologies, completing a VR training project is just the start. Our commitment to your success extends through our comprehensive Post-Project VR Support. VR’s novelty often leads to client needs beyond initial development, because successful rollouts can spark ideas for new training modules. While some companies dabble in VR to showcase innovation, we focus on creating tools for extensive use and measurable improvements. In this blog, we’ll explore what happens after a Mersus VR project is delivered.

Authentic VR Learning Solutions on Avatar Academy

At the heart of our commitment lies Avatar Academy, our cutting-edge Learning Experience platform. Here, we don’t just offer VR training modules; we curate immersive learning experiences tailored to your organisation’s unique needs. Our solutions aren’t just about showcasing technology; they’re about driving tangible results and fostering genuine skill development.

In-House Process: Retrospective Learnings

At Mersus, we believe in continuous improvement. After every VR project, we hold a retrospective meeting to refine our approach and enhance our Post-Project VR Support. This structured analysis ensures continuous improvement. We use a structured approach to gather evidence, analysing project documents, user feedback, and team member insights. This helps us identify areas for improvement in areas like project planning, communication, and VR training design.

Celebrating Success

Reaching milestones and delivering projects on time is a big accomplishment. At Mersus, we take the time to celebrate these wins and acknowledge the hard work of our team. This might involve a team lunch, acknowledging individual contributions, or simply taking a moment to appreciate everyone’s dedication. Acknowledging our team’s efforts is vital, but so is preparing for the next phase. Our Post-Project VR Support helps maintain momentum and ensures sustained success.

Assisting in Change Management

We recognise that integrating VR training into existing systems can be a daunting task for many organisations. That’s why we stand by our clients every step of the way, providing comprehensive assistance in change management. From initial consultation to deployment and beyond, our team collaborates closely with yours to ensure a seamless transition. By empowering your trainers to become VR hardware experts and addressing practical considerations for deployment, we pave the way for a smooth integration process.

Beyond Delivery: Ensuring Your VR Training Success

We understand that integrating VR training into your existing learning and development system can seem like a complicated process. That’s why our commitment extends far beyond project delivery. Our Post-Project VR Support includes training your team on VR hardware, providing deployment guidance, and leveraging data-driven insights to optimise your VR training program.

Image shows some people using VR at work, symbolising our commitment to post-project support for our clients

Here’s how we ensure a smooth VR integration and maximise the impact of your VR training program:

Trainer Expertise

We empower your trainers to become VR hardware experts. Through our training program, they’ll gain the confidence to guide colleagues comfortably through using headsets.

 Deployment Guidance

Our team collaborates with you to address any practical considerations for deploying VR technology within your specific environment.

Data-Driven Insights

Every VR session generates valuable data. We work with you to identify the KPIs that matter most to your training goals. Together, we’ll configure your personal Avatar Academy dashboard to present clear and easy-to-access reports.

Scalable VR Training

Your VR content remains adaptable. We can modify or add modules as your training needs evolve, ensuring your VR program grows alongside your company.

Robust Evaluations and Iterative Improvements

At Mersus, we believe that the journey doesn’t end with project delivery—it’s just the beginning. After each VR project, we conduct thorough evaluations and retrospectives to glean insights into what went well and where improvements can be made. Leveraging a structured approach that combines project documents, user feedback, and team member insights, we identify areas for enhancement in project planning, communication, and VR training design. This commitment to continuous improvement ensures that our solutions evolve alongside your organisation’s needs, delivering ever-increasing value.

Mersus Technologies: Your Long-Term VR Training Partner

Choosing Mersus Technologies means benefiting from our dedicated Post-Project VR Support, fostering a collaborative relationship that ensures the long-term value of your VR training program.  We take pride in fostering collaborative relationships built on trust, transparency, and a shared commitment to excellence. With Mersus by your side, you can rest assured that your VR training program is in capable hands—from initial implementation to ongoing support and beyond.

At Mersus Technologies, customer satisfaction isn’t just a goal—it’s our guiding principle. Through authentic VR learning solutions, comprehensive change management assistance, robust evaluations, and iterative improvements, we strive to exceed your expectations at every turn. Partner with us today and unlock the full potential of VR training for your organisation’s success.