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Week 3 of “Meet Mersus” – Mersus’ official video biography

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This week we continue the rollout of the staff videos in our “Meet Mersus” series.  This 13-part series offers an in-depth look at the company, introducing you to various Mersus Staff members who describe their roles and what motivates them to work in the immersive technology industry.  

The video series is produced by Robert Callaghan, a 4th Year Digital Marketing student, who aims to convey a meaningful message about Mersus’ passion and commitment to the VR world.


Henry Gaudet 

Henry is a product owner, who acts as a link between the client and production team.  He works out a lot of the details of what will happen in the VR experiences, and ensures that the outcome that the client wants is delivered.   Henry facilitates clear communication across the various stakeholders on a project, and he loves the variety that he experiences at Mersus.

Fiona Moran 

Fiona makes concept art for VR, designing environments, UIs and machines.  Here she talks about balancing the vision with the constraints of VR.  Fiona is also the Student Placement Officer at Mersus and talks about how students bring amazing ideas and perspectives to the workplace.

Brenda Mannion 

Brenda is the Chief Operations Officer, and talks here about finding and onboarding talented staff who align with the strategies of the company.   Brenda enjoys working to develop a completely new learning and development paradigm.  Brenda is proud to be a driver of Mersus Technologies’ commitment to diversity and inclusion, both in the product they produce and their own work practices.  

Geoffrey Allen 

Geoffrey is the Director and Co-Founder.  Here he describes the history and trajectory of the company from its beginnings as an animation company to today, producing VR training and the further development of the platform.  

Dermot Condron 

Dermot is the Chief Technical Officer and Co-Founder of Mersus.  Here he talks about the evolution of the company, and how it uses immersive technology to create value for customers.  

As we look ahead to the next chapter in our series, where we’ll explore the invaluable contributions of our interns, we’re reminded that innovation thrives in collaboration and diversity of thought. Together, we are not just building VR experiences; we’re shaping the future of immersive technology, one inspired idea at a time. Join us on this journey as we continue to redefine what’s possible in the world of Mersus