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About Us

Mersus Technologies is a dynamic and innovative technology company that specializes in developing cutting-edge software solutions.

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About Us

When talking about us, as Ireland’s leading virtual reality company, Mersus Technologies has established itself as a leading player in the immersive technology space. In 2022, the team won the National Manufacturing Awards ‘Best Training & Development’ program as well as the Irish Times Innovation Awards category, New Frontiers.  Our focus is on providing superior customer service and delivering measurable results for our clients. You can contact us for any help with you or your company here.

Our team of experienced engineers and designers possesses expertise in software development, cloud computing, data analytics, and digital transformation. Additionally, we specialize in VR training solutions that help businesses improve their employee training programs by creating immersive, interactive, and engaging training experiences. Browse examples of Case Studies of clients we’ve previously worked with here. We also keep on top of emerging trends in the VR industry, as well as publishizing our own updates, which you can find in our regularly updated blog series.

The Team

The staff here at Mersus Technology are fully determined to make sure they provide the best possible experience to users. The chief officers ensure that all staff members are fully engaged and embraced with the daily workflow of Mersus. Furthermore, managers in Projects, Research & Development, Concept Art, Scrum, and Business Architecture pave the way for things running smoothly and succinctly. In the end, immersive developers, creative developers, and software developers all come together to craft the perfect training product possible in Avatar Academy.
Geoffrey Allen
Chief Executive Officer

Back in 1988 Geoffrey started his career in digital media. His life-long passion for film and conventional art culminated with a Masters from the Huston School of Film where the concept for Mersus Technologies was formed.

Dermot Condron
Chief Technical Officer

Co-founding Mersus Technologies, Dermot heads up the production team. He has a passion for editing and he looks to utilise current and emerging technologies to best facilitate their clients needs.

Brenda Mannion
Chief Operations Officer

Experienced Operations Manager with a demonstrated history of working in industry. Skilled in Customer Service, Management, Strategic Planning, Business Development, and Business Strategy for 20 plus years.

Polly Wong
R&D Manager

With more than 20 years experiences in aligning product and business development processes across China, Hong Kong, USA and UK, Polly oversees the design of the Avatar Academy platform, which includes the addition of new features.

Darren Earle
Scrum Master

Darren brings passion and pragmatic experience for enabling the delivery of successful projects. Combining considerable coordination and coaching capabilities are his core competencies.

Ian Chan
Business Architect

Ian is actively involved in collaborating with the team to design both the VR platform architecture, and the transition to the SaaS business model.

Henry Gaudet
Product Owner

Henry’s background covers everything from creative works to training, caring and even aerial reconnaissance, experience and versatility he brings to every project. He is fascinated with the potential of new media and technology.

Leon Harney
Immersive Developer

A graduate from AIT with a degree in Software Design: game dev. Leon loves to learn new things and is always looking expand his programming knowledge, with a passionate interest in all things sport.

Shail Nimishkumar Shah
Immersive Developer

A graduate from Trinity College Dublin in Computer Science. He has a keen interest in learning and building immersive applications with his creative imagination and has prior experience working as a software developer.

Jordan Murphy
Immersive Developer

Jordan is a graduate from L.I.T Clonmel in Game Art & Design with a specialisation in AR and VR. He primarily focuses on the technical side of development but he also has skills in 3D Modelling, texturing and animation.

Software Developer

Coming from a distributed technological background, Palak loves to be in the Immersive world. With prior experience developing VR simulators, she is currently working as a Software Developer to bridge the real and immersive worlds through data and analytics.

Simon Lesne
Junior Immersive Developer

In professional reconversion after 10 years working in hospitality. Interest in new technologies and a love for coding and programming languages. Passionate about music, game design, social sciences and more.

Warren Boyle
Junior Creative Developer

Warren is an animation and games design graduate from GMIT. He is interested in illustration and animation. He hopes to improve his 3d modeling skills and improve his texturing skills.

Joseph Salicram
Creative Developer

With a Game Art & Design background and passion for creative problem-solving, Joseph brings multidisciplinary knowledge to the team’s 3D modelling workflow. He is a TTRPG, computer and board game enthusiast as well as a 3D printing hobbyist.

James Lyons
Creative Developer

With many years experience in the digital arts, James is interested in the possibilities of the immersive platform. Other interests include computer game design, music and has featured as background extra in films!

Cillian Corr
Junior Creative Developer

A recent Design – Games & Animation Graduate from GMIT. He enjoys creating an immersive experience that evokes an emotional response from the user. He has a Passion for Games, Storytelling & 3D Modelling.

Fiona Moran
Concept Artist

Fiona is an illustrator and concept artist. She loves to visualise VR environments in 2D and 3D.  She also supports the team with some admin tasks.  In her spare time she is illustrating children’s books and improving her 3D modeling.

Imran Tsatiashvili
Junior Immersive Developer

Imran is a graduate of TUS in Software Design and Game Development. Imran likes developing Games & VR and works on the technical side of immersive virtual reality development.

2024 Interns

Mersus have a strong relationship with all interns/students that associate and work alongside them. All types of developers, from creative, to concept, to immersive, to software, to marketing, are all welcome, and are eager to gain insightful wisdom and experience from working with Mersus.

Grace Reilly
Creative Developer Intern

Current Masters student from DKIT studying computer animation. She enjoys creating 3D models and has a keen interest in character modelling. She hopes to improve her modelling skills and to enhance her knowledge of texturing skills and UV unwrapping abilities.

Kyle Maguire Greaney
Immersive Developer Intern

Kyle is currently studying software design for VR and gaming at TUS Athlone. His interests include playing video games, history, watching television and trying new foods. He hopes to become a successful developer in the future.

James Mc Neill Killeen
Immersive Developer Intern

James is a 3rd-year student studying Software design with VR and gaming at Tus Athlone. He enjoys playing video games, reading novels and doing activities with friends. He hopes to learn a lot of new things in VR development.

Zoe O'Sullivan
Concept Designer (UX) Intern

Zoe is in her 3rd year of Product Design (Marketing & Innovation) at Maynooth University. She enjoys drawing, weightlifting and going for long walks. She hopes to create valuable and memorable experiences for users online, and to one day be a successful UX Designer.

Alan Speares
Creative Developer Intern

Alan is a 3rd year student studying game and animation in ATU Galway. He’s interested in rugby, videogames and movies. His main goal with his internship with Mersus Technologies is to develop his 3D skills as well as gain an understanding about 3D modelling and its workflow within a professional setting

Oliwia Galeja
Creative Developer Intern

Oliwia is a 3D animator with over 4 years of experience, she specialises in character movements and video editing. She is now eager to learn more about 3D modelling. 

Katarzyna Koper
Creative Developer Intern

Kasia is a recent graduate of DKIT’s 2D/3D Digital Animation Production program. With a love for photography and design, she brings a fresh perspective to visual storytelling. Through animation, modelling, photography, and design, Kasia crafts immersive experiences that captivate and inspire.

Lee Xoun Ong
Softare Developer Intern

Lee is a 3rd-year student studying Software Development at DKIT. He is passionate about coding and problem-solving, bringing enthusiasm and skill to every project. Driven by a commitment to continuous learning, Lee’s passion for software development extends beyond the classroom, making him a valuable asset with a keen eye for innovation in the field.

Kairan Wu
Concept Designer (UX) Intern

Kairan is a 3rd year student studying Product design in MU (Maynooth University).  He’s interested in photography, Videogames and fitness.  At Mersus Technology, his goal is to develop his UIUX design skill, especially with Figma and XD.

Robert Callaghan
Digital Marketing Intern

Robert is a 4th Year student studying Digital Marketing at TUS Athlone. He has a passion for video projects, videography, storytelling, and putting together co-operative team projects. He is determined to embrace his marketing skills into his craft when working with Mersus.