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Empowering Tomorrow’s Innovators: The Mersus Internship Experience

The team including students and interns on the immersive internship program

As part of our “Meet Mersus” docu-series, we are delighted to present a new video featuring interviews with some of the students and interns currently working with us.

Mersus takes pride in our intern program, which includes learning strands for various roles such as immersive developer, concept designer, user experience designer, creative developer, and more. With each intake of students, we refine and improve our learning materials, tutorials, and assignments based on their experiences and feedback from mentors.

Mentorship is considered an essential component of the intern experience, helping them acquire the skills necessary to eventually contribute to projects. Mentors also collaborate with students to ensure they can align their learning with their own goals and interests.

Moreover, mentoring is a learning experience for the mentor, providing them with an introduction to management skills.

Communication skills are essential in any work environment, especially when creating complex software products to ensure projects are delivered correctly. Skills such as communication, presentation, and effective collaboration in a hybrid office environment are as integral to the internship experience as technical proficiency. Interns are integrated into teams early on, participating in all project planning and execution meetings, including chairing daily standups and presenting their work at the weekly company-wide meeting.

We believe that in addition to enhancing their technical skills, our interns have a valuable opportunity to develop soft skills that will benefit them in their careers, enabling them to work effectively in the immersive, game development, or broader software industry.

Mersus  is proud to have links with TCD, TUS, DKIT, ATU, MU and the Erasmus program, as well as ETBs and other educational bodies and we look forward to expanding our network further to provide even more enriching opportunities for aspiring talent in the software industry.

We hope this video highlights the dynamic and enriching experience our interns undergo as they embark on their journey with us. Through structured mentorship, hands-on learning, and active participation in real projects, our interns not only enhance their technical prowess but also hone essential soft skills crucial for success in the software industry. As we continue to nurture talent and foster growth within our intern program, we remain committed to providing a supportive environment where individuals can thrive and flourish in their career aspirations. Join us in celebrating the achievements of our interns and the exciting opportunities that lie ahead on their professional paths.

Mersus team including students and interns