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Week 2 of “Meet Mersus” – Mersus’ official video biography

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“Meet Mersus” is an exciting new docu-series launched by Mersus Technologies. This 13-part series offers an in-depth look at the company, introducing you to various Mersus Staff members who play pivotal roles in shaping the company’s presence in the virtual reality industry. The series has had several members’ videos published so far, with more set to come. These videos give an idea of the large scope of talent in the company. 

The video series is produced by Robert Callaghan, a 4th Year Digital Marketing student, who aims to convey a meaningful message about Mersus’ passion and commitment to the VR world.

Week 2 Of Meet Mersus

Simon Lesne

Simon Lesne is an Immersive Developer. He speaks about his background in hospitality and programming alike, and how things led to his time in Mersus. He shares his fondness for technical details and devOPS. He also speaks about how far he’s come from humble beginnings up until now.

Polly Wong

Polly Wong is a Research & Development Manager. She talks about how she brings along different types of members from different sectors to appeal to  clients. She also shares her passion for Avatar Academy as a platform, and how she communicates with different companies around the world, as well as how teamwork drives her motivation within the company.

Joseph Salicram

Joseph Salicram is a Creative Developer. He talks about his fondness for the ability to shape and scale objects in VR. Joseph values learning new skills, and how research and development is at the forefront of his duties in the workplace, and also his eye for high quality of work.

These next three staff videos offer a further look into Mersus’ well-structured workforce and how it operates in-line with the goals and objectives of Avatar Academy. The final profiles in the Meet Mersus Series will touch on Henry Gaudet, Fiona Moran, Brenda Mannion, Geoffrey Allen, and Dermot Condron, concluding and tying together the digital biography of Mersus Technologies.