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Useful tips for capturing good video! (Demo)

Why do businesses need to use video?

If you read about digital trends for 2016, you will find that ‘video’ appears frequently. Marketers and strategists predict that businesses need to utilise video to grow their business this year and beyond. One major reason for this is the rise of internet users.
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It is no secret that the internet is the place to be if you want your business to be found.  We have been harping on about it in our blogs for some time now!  The reasons for this are simple:

  • smartphones
  • improved internet accesses & availability
  • 24/7 online world ‘fits’ with peoples’ busy lives
  • Google search option

Social media could be added to the bullet list above but it deserves a bit more discussion.  The fact that almost all businesses have at least one social media page in their arsenal is proof of how powerful these sites are.  60% of Irish people have a Facebook account, with 72 % logging in to their account on a daily basis.   26% are Twitter account holders making this the second most popular social media site in the country.
As of January 2016, there are 1.55 billion active Facebook accounts globally. YouTube has over 1 billion users, watching millions of hours of video each month. Video didn’t kill the radio star, in many cases it has made the radio star!
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Tips for capturing good video footage

Everyone who has a decent smartphone has the tool to make a good video. Here are some tips to help you capture some good footage:

  • hold the smartphone in landscape position to get the best view for your video
  • keep the sun or any strong light behind you
  • aim to get a few cutaways so the video can be edited to ‘break up’ any monotony and add to the viewing experience
  • choose a decent background with subtle branding or props if you have them
  • have a script ready – you don’t have to read it word for word but at least use it to prompt a steady flow of conversation, reducing the em’s and eh’s!
  • purchase an affordable tripod and mount (try Amazon, Ebay etc.) – they are a good investment and will ensure a steady image

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What to video?

So now you have decided to make a video, what should it contain? Some examples are:

  1. A ‘behind the scenes’ video. The material will depend on what your business is, for example, a sneak peak into your office / factory / restaurant / shop.
  2. Show off how well you / your staff communicates with clients.
  3. Are you attending a well known event?
  4. The launch of a new product or service
  5. Customer testimonials [see a recent video from Debapay below]
  6. A ‘how to’ guide
  7. Your USP – whatever makes you stand out from the competition

Where to show the video

The point of creating the video and sharing it, is to drive ‘traffic’ to your company’s website. We have already mentioned Facebook and Twitter but your own YouTube channel is the ideal place for your video(s) to reside.
You can simply copy the video’s URL from YouTube to upload it to your social media pages.  If you feel your video is good enough quality, you can commence a campaign via YouTube.  Pick your specific target market and as simple as that, you have begun an online marketing campaign.
One example of a successful video campaign is’s animated video [see below], recently created by MakinMediaMobile.  Targeted solely at the UK market, the has enjoyed huge success for a very minimal fee. Since it was published mid-Feb this year, it has been viewed by over 7,000 people.

Video is as compatible with social media as toast is with butter

Social media provides the ideal platform for video.  Most sites follow the same format of uploading the video’s url and they are effective in generating engagement with an ‘audience’.  Facebook has likes; Twitter has hearts and both have the prized share function. This enables your video to be passed around to countless numbers of users, some of whom will be your potential customers.
Think about videos you have come across by browsing through your own social media pages. How many other users have also seen the video & company’s page or post?  It creates an awareness of, and familiarity with, the company name.

The benefits 

Apart from maximising your chances of getting seen ‘out there’ in the busy online world, there are other benefits of using video that you may not be aware of.  Social media sites have back-end analysis of your page’s history.
They record information such as what time your followers are online; their location; the engagement with your posts, click through rates and so on. This feedback can help you to ‘hone’ the content and imagery that you post, to maximise share-ability of your content.

How can MakinMediaMobile help?

We’ve been producing videos for many years and have worked with a huge variety of companies from global business giants to local start ups.  Our expertise extends to production, editing, graphics, animation, voice overs, foreign language options, music scores, promotions, video channels, target marketing solutions and more.
If you would like to discuss how video can work for your business, contact us at MakinMediaMobile today.
[Featured image source: Google images]

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