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Producing a professional animated video (Demo)

Animated video has become an increasingly popular way to promote business. Including animation in your business strategy can provide a whole range of benefits.

Animating is a skill and requires talent. To use it to promote your business it must be done professionally. It doesn’t happen overnight or by the wave of a magic wand – leave it to the professionals! Here we take you through the process of producing an animated video.


Before the whole animation process begins the creative team spend time researching what it is you would like to achieve from an animated explainer video. Our team meets with you to discuss your goals and main objectives. We take into account your branding and target audience. Once we have established your concept and learn the direction for the animation we can move on to drafting the script.


The script acts as the foundation for the entire process. After speaking with the client an idea is formulated as to what is they want exactly. In some cases the client will provide us with a script. Once the script is approved the rest of the process can begin!

A deposit is required before we proceed!

At the storyboard stage we create all the assets for your explainer video. Characters and their environments are developed with the client’s target market in mind and a style and theme is illustrated. This forms how the final piece will look scene by scene. The storyboard is analysed by the production team and is then sent to the client for approval.

Video Animation

Each frame of the storyboard is digitised with camera and action direction. A voice over is allocated to each frame and once again is sent to the client for approval before the animation stage.
Below is an example of a storyboard for Oxymem.

Storyboard Level
Storyboard Level


Screenshot from finished Animation

The production stage is where the animating begins. This is the point where the characters and each scene in the storyboard comes to life.


Here the scenes are pieced together. The audio including sound effects, music, voice over bring the explainer video together. Before the finished animation is handed over to the client, we send over a draft for feedback and revisions (if any) are made by our editing team.

creating explainer video for export


Once the client is completely satisfied we will send them the finished production in a high resolution format. The client can now use the animated explainer video as part of their marketing strategy.

Above: An example of a finished Animation


animated production process
The animation production process

Our services do not end at handing over the final production to our clients! We advise and assist our clients on how to integrate the animation into their marketing mix.

Above: An example of a animation for a retail client in which a very successful YouTube campaign was integrated into their strategy.

MakinMediaMobile create animated explainer videos for a broad spectrum of industries. Some areas we have worked in include retail, mobile applications, education, manufacturing. By combining the skills of our creative team, animators and editors, MakinMediaMobile can produce an animated explainer video that fits the requirements of your company.
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