Advanced Visualisation

Mersus look towards technology innovation that brings value to industry. Making content more easily digestible and deployable through advanced visualisation.

Virtual Training

Creating realistic workplace experiences that mirror real world work scenarios. Providing a safe environment that allows for risk taking when working in demanding environments.

Multi User Experience

Allows for people to collaborate together across the world using their own personal avatars, all within the same virtual environment.

Why Mersus?

Mersus Technologies are Ireland’s leading content creators for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality production. Mersus are unique in the space as we combine talented animators with expert Virtual Reality developers to create content for next generation platforms. Our Irish aptitude for storytelling combined with Mersus’ artistic talent and deep technical knowledge deliver pioneering solutions that enable industry to drive their digital transformation.


Mersus take any company’s content (plans, products, data, instructions, processes, advanced concepts, etc.) and transform them through visualisation. The immersive experience that we then deliver to clients, be it Augmented Reality or a Virtual Reality production, has the ability to completely transform their training and marketing capacities. This gives the company digital content to be relayed across global networks. All while keeping the messaging uniform and consistent.

Latest Work

The Camfil Experience
Smart Factory
Camfil – Filter Replacement
Pronov8 – Cart Product
Dental Virtual Training
Camfil – Air Filtration

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