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Video animation – A behind the scenes look (Demo)

This week we open our doors for a ‘behind the scenes’ look at how the creative team make an animation video.  We recently caught up with our Creative Director, Grainne Moore, who talks us through the various stages involved.
Creative Team
Q: What is the first step to making video animation?
A: After extensive research into the company’s product and/or services, I draw thumbnail sketches for concept art. If I’m not provided with a narrative, I create a loose script which I work from.
Q: How do you create the script?
A: After speaking with the client I gather an idea as to what they are looking for in the finished animation and this allows me to come up with some ideas.
Q: How did you design the characters to best match the client’s product?
A: The characters are developed with the client’s target market in mind so the demographic will influence their formation. For example I wouldn’t put any scary characters into a product that was aimed at kids!
Q: What about the backgrounds, where do the ideas for these come from?
A: I keep these simple, easily recognisable and globally generic to allow the company to market their services or product worldwide.
Q: Is this the foundation for the storyboard?
A: Yes, a rough draft, including script, is circulated within the creative department for feedback. This allows the production team to analyse the content with the next stage in mind, making sure that it can be animated within the time frame.

Video Animation
Q: What happens next?
A: I pen each frame for scanning so they can then be digitised with camera & action directions. In addition to this, the voice over is then allocated to each frame. This version is then sent to the client for their review and feedback which provides an opportunity for them to suggest changes if they wish.
After this stage, the storyboard is amended and voice over recording can proceed. In this particular animation I projected the characters from paper to computer using Adobe Illustrator. From here the lead animator took over to bring the characters to life.
Storyboard with video
Q: How do you get it from this stage to the finished product?
A: Our video editor compiles the clips together, adds sound effects, music and colour corrects the footage if required. The final product is then delivered to the client for one final review for approval.
Next time, we chat with our Lead Animator to hear how his input influences the formation of the animated video.
Video animation is our speciality and  a proven way to market a company’s product or service through auditory & visualisation techniques; helping businesses to rise above the competition.
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