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A media comparison: Video v Radio & Newspaper (Demo)

When it comes to advertising it is important to know where your money is going and what your getting in return. Here we highlight the differences between traditional forms of advertising i.e. Radio and TV and using video for advertising your business.

Traditional Advertising

Explainer Video


1. Cost

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National Newspaper: price per column size avg. €400 – €7000

What you get:
Static ad
Written text
Graphic /photo
Company logo

Local Radio
: price per length & air time avg. €500+

What you get:
Generic voice over with sales message
Jingle (optional @ extra cost)

Explainer video: Price per length of video averages from €1,500

What you get:
Fact forum meeting
Individual storyboard & character creation
Review meeting
2nd draft
Soft copy & hard copy animation video

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2. Listener & viewer stats and analysis for your advert /video


Newspaper: None

Radio: None

Explainer video:
Viewer numbers
Date analysis
Demographics (gender, age etc.)
Hobbies & interests
Mobile device used

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3. Audience targeting capabilities


Mostly mass audience but some business / interest segmentation possible

Mostly mass audience with peak / off peak options

Explainer video:
Specific targeting:
Country / county
Age group
Interests & hobbies

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4. Timeline for advert


Newspaper: specified time & cost per advert published

Radio: as per air time allocated by cost

Explainer video:
Unlimited timeline – video can be viewed indefinitely via different
channels (e.g. Youtube, Facebook)


5. Media User Statistics


National newspaper:
readership average: 30,000 – 100,000

Local radio listenership:
(average) 69,000 with ad break reach approx. 17,300

Internet user stats 2014 (Ireland):

= 81% of the population

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Even a quick glance at the comparable stats above highlights the huge advantages that explainer videos have over traditional forms of advertising.

1. The wide audience catchment is due to the phenomenal numbers of Irish people who go online.

2. Specific targeting is key to maximising brand awareness of your product  i.e. reaching the right people at the right location with the right age group etc.

3. The cost comparison shows the massive value for money that explainer videos bring to your company.  In terms of timeline, your video will last for as long as you want; You can upload it to your website; open a Youtube channel; place it on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter; commence social media campaign and so on.

4. Your business can be as involved with creating the video as you want,  customer feedback is always considered.

5. You can target your specific audience and analyse the statistics.

It is quite clear that having a video to promote your business is much more effective in comparison to the traditional forms of advertising. In fact it makes sense!! At MakinMediaMobile we can create an effective video strategy for your business. Whether you are a small business starting off or a corporation we cater for all your needs!

Want to promote your business and get effective results? Contact MakinMediaMobile today.

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