12 Mar: VR Training: a solution to Coronavirus travel restrictions

In an environment where travel is becoming further restricted amid growing COVID-19 concerns, virtual reality (VR) is rapidly becoming a viable alternative for travelling to in-person collaborations to crowded conferences, site inspections, meetings, training courses and in support of work-from-home mandates. HTC VIVE has chosen to use Waterford based Immersive…

User Experience Design for Corporate VR

06 Sep: User Experience Design for Corporate VR

VR for corporate uses versus games   It’s clear that Virtual Reality brings with it a number of challenges when it comes to the experience of the user – is it comfortable to use, useful, entertaining?   There are also very specific issues around the production of what I am going…


24 May: A whisper of Revolution

The thing about a revolution is that the really good ones are over before anyone knows that they happened. Nip in and decapitate the state and take control while they are all sleeping in their beds. So this week I was fortunate enough to tog out for Ireland, not for…