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SEO For Video (Demo)

Getting a naturally high Google ranking for your website is the Holy Grail but it’s not getting any easier. Google have made no secret of the fact that they give preference to the “blended approach”. That means they prefer sites with a combination of text, video, images, maps and social media links. Google’s growing fondness of video means that newer smaller sites can now take on older more established sites that got there from traditional SEO.

  1. Before you do anything make sure you have a video that is relevant and informative. There’s no point in spending time or money on a video that’s boring or not relevant. Try to keep your video’s length to 1 minute 30 seconds or less. That’s the average amount of time YouTube viewers watch videos.
  2. Title: Do some keyword research and figure out what keywords your viewers might put into Google to search for your video. Don’t just stuff your title with keywords, think up of a catchy title and include your most important keywords. Google wants you to write your title for human eyes and not for Google robots. Google will penalize you for stuffing your title with keywords. Write your title with your human viewer in mind.
  3. Tags: You can add tags to your Tube and Vimeo videos. In here you insert your most important keywords or words that you think your customers might type in a search box to find you. Separate your keywords with commas.
  4. Description: Include a keyword rich description of your video to allow search engines to index your video and also to allow your viewers understand what your video is about.
  5. Create a Video Sitemap and submit it to Google. Learn how to create a video sitemap. A video sitemap will expose your Tags to Google. HTML Tags are becoming more and more important. These tags help the search engines deliver a better quality of search results. Check it out for yourself.

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