Why Quality Content Matters (Demo)

Google dominates

Google are always looking for a positive experience for its users. In years gone by when sites and articles were first published on the internet one could get away with bunching numerous keywords and links on a page. Nowadays you need to produce unique and high quality content within your site/articles in order to get Google’s attention. Google is the dominant search engine so in order to rank high within the search you must play by their rules. Take a look at the chart below and you will see that the Google dominates as the largest search engine.
searchengine stats US

Top 5 Search Engines in the US Feb 2015 (Source: StatCounter Global Stats)

How can you write your content in order to give Google what it craves?

When it comes to devising your global SEO strategy there are a few things to consider. To ensure that your content is in line with Google’s requirements we have some tips for you to take on board:
1 – Providing useful and valuable information on the homepage of your website or in your blog articles will entice visitors to dig further into your product offering or service leading to potential sales and increasing profits!
2 – Do not use copy or spam material – This is second knowledge to some but Google’s Panda Algorithm was released specifically to track websites for copied or low-quality written content. Google heavily penalise for use of such material.
3 – Write credible information and if researched provide references and sourcing where possible.
– Make sure your content is shareable – Going by Google’s Penguin Algorithm, if your content was found to be shared by others, this would be classed as valuable high quality content meaning the more it is shared, referenced or used as a source by a reader the higher it will rank on Google’s search engine.
5 – Keep content free of grammatical and spelling errors!
6 – A high quality format must extend into your translated content also, so ensure that it translated correctly. Avoid using computer generated translation as these are not accurate.
With the Hummingbird algorithm, one is now able to search using simple wording, such as a question, instead of only by specific keywords. It searches for sites that offer the most unique and valuable information on that particular question or topic.

Quality Content is King!

By using such Algorithms, Google has cracked down on poor content sites by contacting owners and decreasing their rankings if they do not comply with Google’s quality expectations. In summary, Google only gives you search engine traffic if you produce high quality content! Here at makinmediamobile we provide a helping hand when it comes to writing quality content. We have a specialist content marketing team that can help you with all you require when devising an SEO strategy for your site or blog articles. Contact us today!

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