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The Explainer Video (Demo)

Have you ever had to explain to someone what exactly your business does? Were you able to explain in a clear and concise way and how it differentials itself from the crowd? Congrats, you are ahead of the curve!

In most cases, people find it hard to communicate in simple layman terms. This is where the explainer video comes in. Explainer videos are able to explain things faster, thus saving time of both the business and its audience. In most cases people would rather watch a 90 seconds video that entertains and educates what the business does.

One Dollar shave club is a great example of how a business explains itself in an entertaining and unique fashion in 94 seconds.

explainer video information


The Benefits of Explainer Video

As well as doing what it says in the title, it can have many other distinct advantages.


You can only pitch your business goals and aspirations so many times before you go blue in the face. Explainer videos are made to be shared. If your video is targeted at the right audience, there is a good chance that people will like and share it through social media.

Explain complex ideas and information

Business that have complex products or are technologically advanced need a demonstration. Explainer videos can graphically present this information to the viewer and summarise its message.

Inbound Marketing

An explainer video will complement your business brand and act as a gateway for getting people to find out more about your business via your website, email, calling you etc. They will come to you and not the other way around.

Launch a product or service

Explainer videos can help a business launch its product or service and tell audience about its features. The charm and memory of a product can be retained in viewers mind with the help of an explainer video.


Search engines like content. By including a video, your business is listed in more search engines. YouTube alone is the 2nd largest search engine next to google. You will be listed in video searches. Google likes to inset videos into its search results. So people looking up your business online are likely to see video in the search results.

A key goal of your business is to get your message out there. If a person in your target audience can tell you what your product or service is after watching the explainer video, you have made the first step to converting your viewer into a potential lead.

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