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Animation is the key to success (Demo)

The animation industry has grown enormously

Bear Story, Inside Out, Song of the Sea and Kung Fu Panda are all examples of animations that have made it to the big screen and are well known on a global scale.
Companies are now following through by shifting their marketing strategies to reach more customers online. This includes using animation to deliver a clear and simple message to the viewer.  Animated videos are now in huge demand.  Great brands  like Groupon and Levi’s are already using animation to promote their products/services.

Animation & the Irish economy

With the fourth Animation Dingle festival taking place this week, it has never been a better time for animation in Ireland.  With an estimated €100m generated from animation into the Irish economy, it is a growing export sector, with 85% of the work going overseas.

This is a testament to the homegrown talent and creativity that we have in Ireland and the popularity of animation globally.

Availability of animation videos

Over 1 billion people have an account with the social media giant YouTube. Lots of companies are utilising this massive audience to advertise their company. We’ve all seen the ads popping up before our chosen video plays. Most of us will press skip at the first available opportunity.

If you want your ad to stand out and be noticed (and not skipped), then it has to capture the viewer’s imagination within seconds. The beauty of animation is that the characters, the scene, the story are only limited by human imagination and the viewer is transported to an imaginary place. [We love this animated advert from De Lijn transport in Belgium].

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg recently said that the majority of online content we receive in the future would be via video.  You can bet that a good proportion of this content will be animated.

Animation helps start up companies

Innovative start up companies often face the problem of explaining exactly what it is that they do.  If a picture paints a thousand words, then animated video tells the story.

One of the most popular animated explainer video types is using an animated character. Normally, a story is led by an animated character or characters,  presented with a problem that they endeavour to solve. That’s when your product or service appears… just in time to save the day!

The characters usually represents your target audience, so it’s important to have a custom design character that truly relates to them, humanising your brand by giving it emotion and personality. These kinds of videos have great results because they quickly catch the attention and are easy to watch.
As an example, see the video below that MakinMediaMobile created for

Examples of how businesses use animation for marketing their product/services

These short animations help the audience gain useful information very quickly. It informs them of the product and services that they have on offer or the company’s skills and expertise. It also offers a call to action, most of the time this brings the viewer to the company’s website.

Animations for training videos

This is an animated video that MakinMediaMobile created for online training company

Animation & MakinMediaMobile

MakinMediaMobile was created primarily as an animated explainer video company.  Although we have diversified into live action video and other services our passion is animation. We can create bespoke animations for your marketing strategy in any style, any language, bringing your product benefits to life.

By synchronising voice, sound and music with the animation, the end result truly reflects your brand. Whether you’re a Start Up or an established business we’ll be able to match you with an animation that fits your requirements.  Contact us today for more information or check out our portfolio on our YouTube channel.

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