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ROI from social media campaigns (Demo)

Many businesses are unfortunately unaware of the benefits that a social media campaign can bring them. The keyword in this sentence is benefits.  If your business is going to part with hard earned cash for promotional purposes, wouldn’t you like to have some say into who it will target and an analysis of who it has reached?
For example:

  • Demographics e.g, age / gender / hobbies
  • Location
  • Click through rate
  • #’s of website visitors
  • Views (organic and paid)
  • Audience retention % (e.g.YouTube video)

social media campaign
The photo above shows analysis from one of our client’s recent YouTube campaigns. It shows how the campaigns are broken down into a specific age groups. YouTube have vast amounts of data available to them from their millions of worldwide viewers via account details, videos watched, interests etc. This enables the tools by which targeted selection is possible.
For a total spend of slightly over €100, this particular campaign reached 6,550 views within 4 weeks, the total number of minutes viewed exceeded 10,000 minutes with over a hundred viewers clicking through to their website. The client has also report increased phone inquiries attributed to the campaign.
The real question here is can the more traditional media channels compete in terms of for example, a newspaper ad in any of the national press will set you back substantially more than €100 and who reads it is anyone’s guess! If one is flush enough to go down the broadcasting route, again it is a lottery at best to see who actual receives you message.
There is no other form of marketing or advertising which can give you such specific targeting potential not to mention the analysis during and after the campaign.  As another example of its potential, here at MakinMediaMobile we did a small campaign of our own last week.

social media campaign
Our total audience reach was boosted to 3,600 in the space of 1 week for the small fee of €9 (see above image).  The thing with social media campaigns is that they can fit around your business’s peaks and troughs and are wholly controlled by you. You decide who, what, when & where your product gets promoted. It is time consuming to carry out a social media campaign and time is an element in short supply to most businesses.
At MakinMediaMobile we are unique in going beyond the production aspect in getting your new resource working for you. As part of our service we design and carry out campaigns on your behalf and depending on your circumstances, we provide this as a service or alternatively train your own team.
You tell us what you want to achieve and we will help you to attain it. We will carry out regular reviews and provide you with statistics from analysis obtained. We can also advise you on keywords and phrases to help your SEO for Google ranking.  Contact us for further information.

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