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Training Videos – The Solution for your business?

If yours is a business that hires products to customers or other businesses such as plant machinery, photocopiers, technological equipment etc., have you ever considered the resources required for the necessary training, H&S, problem solving, trouble shooting, FAQ’s and so on? It could be argued that the repetition involved in these is not only time consuming, it is also costing your business money. If it is a case of “one method fits all” then training videos could be the solution to your resources problem.


Training videos can provide a step by step guide to operating the equipment from the moment it arrives at a customer’s location. Manual handling and health & safety could also be included to ensure your customers are aware of the dangers (if any) involved and how to avoid injury while operating the equipment. Customers will benefit greatly by being able to re-watch and pause the video where the operation is particularly difficult or tricky. It is also a lot easier to watch a video instead of going through technical manuals.

Learning through training videos

Videos can be either live action or animation, however live action would provide a more accurate and ‘real’ visual that a user will connect with, plus it is less time consuming and expensive than an animation. The video can be shot on location while a ‘trainer’ goes through the steps.

Voice over – in any language

A voice over will provide clear, distinct step by step instructions that will follow the actions of the instructor in the video. This will help to emphasise what is being shown. A video can prove very efficient to companies who operate on a global scale and who have customers in foreign countries; by just changing the voice over into the desired language, the same video footage can be used generically.

How can Makin’ Media Mobile help?

Our experienced production crew can shoot a video over the course of a day (or longer if needed) at your desired location. We will edit the video and record the voice over at our offices.  Including your business in the decision making processes will ensure that the finished result exceeds your expectations. When finished the final production is released to you, we can also provide a physical copy. Contact us here for further information.
Makin’ Media Mobile – visualise your value proposition

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