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Animation for online advertising (Demo)

There are many reasons why businesses choose to use animation as a means of advertising online, here are a few of them:
1. The ability to say what you want, how you want, through the use of characters.
2. The animation will be unique to the company which is good for company image and branding.
3. People will engage more with animation characters, they are usually more fun than the real life ones!
4. Animated video blends perfectly with digital media and can be watched on any number of hand held devices.
5. Be it wild and whacky or more down to earth and serious, your animated video is only limited by your imagination.

Animated explainer video
Animation explaining the concept of the product

Animation explainer video

One of our recent jobs was to create an animated video for an SME with a great product which was lacking in online presence. Our brief was to create a video to explain the company’s product in under 2 minutes. The creative team got down to writing the storyboard and script and at various stages throughout the process, they liaised with the client to ensure their satisfaction.

animation explainer video
Using characters to explain the product

The finished animation

A voice over was added to emphasise the product’s value and benefits and at the end some live action video in the form of product endorsement was edited into the final product. To check out the video in full, click here!

Animation explainer video
Animation for branding purposes

At MakinMediaMobile we can help your business to reach unlimited potential through improving your online presence with explainer video, while targeting the right customers for your product.  Call us today for further details.
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