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Bethlehem Takeaway Promotional Video Campaign (Demo)

MakinMediaMobile recently made a promotional video campaign for Bethlehem Takeaway in Athlone. Bethlehem is a family-run chain of takeaways. Adrian, from Bethlehem, was keen for the video to highlight the fact that their ingredients are fresh and locally sourced. This became the key message of the video.

Having completed the video for Bethlehem Athlone, we thought about the best way to put it to use to maximise the benefit to the company.
The first thing we did was build interest. We edited a short teaser version of the video. Posting this on Bethlehem’s Facebook page along with a declaration that the full video would be online the following Friday. This generated some anticipation and kept the page active, ensuring an audience was already present for the full video release.
When we did put the full video online, we did so with an accompanying competition. What better way for a takeaway to engage with their audience than to offer free pizza? We posed a question with the video:
“What is the most important thing about Bethlehem’s ingredients?”
We also asked competition entrants to like and share the video, further spreading it around Facebook and thus acquiring more entries. Five people who correctly answered the question, and liked and shared the video, would win a free pizza.
Asking a question like this, which requires the reader to actually watch the video and listen to it too, ensures that the viewer is highly attentive for the duration. Furthermore, if the answer to the question is found towards the end of the video, the viewer is going to take in the majority of what’s being said.
To get the most out of this campaign, we shared the competition post one more time before announcing the winners. This created another surge of activity as any late comers decided to enter the contest. Finally, on the day the winners were announced, we shared the video for the last time.
The response to the campaign was very positive.  You can see the results below. This post was promoted using 100% organic reach. No promotion was paid for.