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Learn, Grow, and Thrive: Student Work Placements at Mersus Technologies

At Mersus Technologies, we are committed to fostering the growth and development of the next generation of professionals in the immersive technology industry. Our student work placement program caters to diverse disciplines, including software engineering, game design, web development, concept art, 3D modelling, graphic design, marketing, product design, UXD, data analytics, and project management.

Student Work Placement  

Our work placements are designed to provide students with a well-rounded experience, enabling them to learn, grow, and thrive in a dynamic and innovative environment. Upon joining our program, each student is paired with an experienced mentor who offers guidance and support throughout their placement. Students begin their journey by completing assignments that familiarise them with our programs, workflows, and agile methodology.

Not only did my skills improve but my confidence in 3D modelling and the environment grew. My initial fear was my biggest challenge, in believing I could actually do it. I feel this is going to have the biggest influence on me going into my fourth year.

Jasmin Glavey, Student at ATU

At Mersus Technologies, we believe in offering our students a comprehensive experience that not only focuses on their areas of interest but also encourages them to expand their skills in different directions. This approach enables our students to gain valuable insights into various aspects of the company and develop a broader understanding of the industry as a whole. By working on diverse projects and collaborating with teams from different disciplines, students can enhance their adaptability, problem-solving abilities, and creative thinking skills. This ultimately equips them with a versatile skill set that will serve them well in their future careers, whether they choose to take their experience to a different field, or remain within the immersive technology ecosystem.

Student Work Placement Assignments
Student Assignment Renders

Joining a Team 

As students progress through the program, they may be integrated into a team working on live projects, allowing them to gain invaluable hands-on experience. We believe in nurturing not just their technical skills but also their interpersonal and communication abilities. To this end, we provide opportunities for students to present their work in front of the entire company, helping them to build confidence and enhance their presentation skills.

A typical working week for a student at Mersus Technologies involves a hybrid work arrangement that blends remote and in-office work. Students generally work from home on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays, while Wednesdays and Thursdays are designated as in-office days. Although students can complete their entire placement remotely if it is more convenient for them, we encourage them to join us in the office on Wednesdays and Thursdays whenever possible. There is no substitute for meeting the team in person, as it fosters collaboration, idea-sharing, and casual conversations that can lead to invaluable connections and insights. By participating in this flexible work environment, students can enjoy the best of both worlds, balancing the convenience of remote work with the benefits of in-person interactions.

Mersus Technologies team group photo, showcasing the diverse and talented individuals dedicated to advancing immersive technology

Immersive Technology Professionals of the Future 

We actively collaborate with renowned institutions such as Trinity College, TUS, DKIT, ATU, and Maynooth University, welcoming students across various disciplines. Our primary interest lies in fields like game design and software engineering, but we also value contributions from graphic design, marketing, data analytics, and educational design. If you’re a student or educator in these areas, intrigued by the prospect of gaining work experience in a dynamic, rapidly evolving tech field, we encourage you to reach out to us.

At Mersus Technologies, our goal is to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and experience they need to excel in the immersive technology industry. Through our comprehensive student work placement program, students gain exposure to cutting-edge technology and best practices, setting them up for success in their future careers.

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