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Meet the Content Marketing team (Demo)

In our previous ‘Behind the Scenes’ interviews we met Creative Director Grainne, Animator Will and Production Manager Dermot.  This week we catch up with the guys at Content Marketing, Winnie and Vicky and asked them a few questions about their job..
Q1. Firstly, can you explain what Content Marketing is?
Winnie & Vicky:  Content Marketing is a relatively new term that is often not fully understood by businesses. In a nutshell, it is the marketing of a business online through various channels such as social media and websites. Creating good content is paramount in generating awareness of a business for example, in terms of Google ranking; the more presence a business has online, the better the search results. It is not just about the hard sell of the product, it’s important to provide useful information to customers. The benefits to businesses are massive such as specific customer targeting and post-campaign analysis, something traditional advertising cannot provide.

Content Marketing team
Reviewing stats from a social media campaign

Q2. So how do you decide upon content for each individual business?
Winnie & Vicky: The first step is to understand who the business’s customers are and decide on subject matter that would interest them. For example, a business that sells baby products will know their main target market is parents in the 18 – 45 age group; the company’s website could provide regular blogs providing info on topics  such as parenting tips, info on family days out, healthy recipes for kids and so on. A regular presence with campaigns on social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter will be beneficial in terms of access to and engagement with the target market.
Q3: Can’t businesses do this themselves?
Winnie & Vicky: Yes of course,  but as many companies are becoming more and more competitive there is little or no time left to manage the promotion of the product/service online. Customers are demanding more information and it is critical that every business stays on top of the everyday changing trends in marketing in order for them to stay ahead of the competition.
Q4. So basically you provide the services on behalf of the business?
Winnie & Vicky: Yes we simply help companies that don’t have the time to manage their marketing. We work on many areas including blogging, social media channels (Facebook, Linkedin Twitter), the set up and management of a Youtube video channel & video campaigns. We also do website content management including Search Engine Optimisation, Google Adwords and Google Analytics. MakinMediaMobile is a Google Partner which helps a great deal in terms of keyword planning.

Content Marketing team
Planning the week ahead!

Q6. What is the process for Content Management?
Winnie & Vicky: We meet with the client to see what they require, then send a proposal with our recommendations. Once the client is happy to go ahead we develop a strategy that best suits the client’s needs. This can vary, dependent on the client’s industry and how active they need to be. We provide an analysis,with stats & feedback, to the client in our monthly review meetings and strategies can be altered.
Q7. Talk us through a normal day
Winnie & Vicky: “Every day is different to the next! That is best thing about working in marketing, each day varies. One day we could be out meeting with clients, at seminars or at a trade show and the next in the office writing up proposals, researching, blogging etc. We have many clients onboard and they are from different industries so our tasks vary on a daily basis. One of the main elements of content marketing is writing, luckily something we both like to do!”

quality content

Q8: How do your clients benefit from your content marketing services?
Winnie & Vicky: “The main benefit is significant increase in traffic volume to their online channels leading to improved sales.  Other benefits include potential customer analysis, targeting, enhanced customer engagement and interactivity leading to a greater exposure of products and/or services.  Our aim is to increase their business!

Thanks to Winnie & Vicky for taking the time to talk with us today. We have one more instalment in our behind the scenes series, focusing on our business development department and the big man himself….
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