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How to improve sales in foreign markets (Demo)

Using explainer video to promote your business in a foreign country can mean the difference between this scenario:

explainer video for export
Expenditure exceeds Income – how to increase sales & profits?

and this:

Animation video for export
Increasing sales through improved presence in foreign market

Global trading has increased substantially, no doubt due to the internet and improvements in technology and transportation.  If you want your business to break into a non-english speaking foreign market, there are lots of hurdles that need to be overcome and one of these is the language barrier.

Company expansion & improved reach – through explainer video

Expanding your business is not just about exporting your products abroad but it is also about encouraging customers to choose you over established competitors.  Imagine how much easier it would be if you could communicate what you are about in local languages to large market segments such as Asia or the Middle East.  The potential to increase your customer base would be massive.

explainer video for export
Creating an explainer video for the Chinese market

Utilising explainer video, which in itself is already a fantastic way to get your company’s message understood, and translating it into the foreign language will provide the opportunity to connect with locals. This can open the door to establishing a presence in that marketplace.

explainer video for export
Translation to the German market

MakinMediaMobile will help you with strategic planning

Our fact forum meeting will identify exactly what you want and need; this forms basis for a strategic plan ensuring your business obtains maximum benefits. By establishing clear goals, we will reach objectives and ensure the end result is a professional video of excellent quality.

We can source a wide spectrum of native speakers from many different locations who will record a voice over onto your animated or live action  explainer video.  We can also translate text within the video.
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So what are you waiting for, contact us here at MakinMediaMobile for a no obligation, informative chat and see how we can help your business grow through video.
For more on the foreign language, explainer video option, view our video here.