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Grow your business with Animation (Demo)

Animation surrounds our everyday lives. Over the years technology has become more advanced and has revolutionised the animation industry. Creating animated characters and motions through new innovations in technology has allowed animation to become more realistic and dynamic for the viewer. Including it into your business strategy will help you to grow your business.

Animation and technology goes hand in hand and has led to developments in areas such as interactive gaming and multimedia allowing users to engage on global scale.

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 12.42.16
3D animation enhances viewer experience

Nowadays everyone owns a mobile handheld device. In fact according to Morgan Stanley Research, since mid 2013 the number of global users of mobile devices have surpassed desktop users (see below). This is making it easier for businesses to reach their target markets, on a national and international scale. This also means that customers have easy access to viewing your product or service.

The use of animation in interactive design and advertising and has changed the attitudes, behaviour and emotions of consumers towards a particular product or service. Using animation to promote your product or service focuses on sending a clear and direct message, in any language, to the viewer about its features, its benefits and how it will satisfy the needs and desires of the user.


Source: Morgan Stanley Research 2015


Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 12.02.51
Animation can lead to the change of buying habits of consumers enhancing their overall experience and help to grow your business

Animation will continue to grow and determine how we interact in society. As it is an essential tool for promoting business especially through mobile technology it is now time to get ahead of the competition.

MakinMediaMobile can help you to grow your business

Here at MakinMediaMobile we are passionate about animation and we love nothing more than creating individual storyboards and animated characters, to suit each business’s needs.   Creating an animated explainer video provides you with a marketing tool that has unlimited potential. Animation video helps to grow your business.