Explainer video: Helping companies achieve their goals (Demo)

In business terms, a ‘tiger economy’ refers to a country which goes through a rapid economic growth phase (is this where the term ‘roaring trade’ comes from?). In Chinese astrology the tiger is one of the 12 signs of the zodiac and embodies strength, leadership and good luck. Is it any wonder therefore that a company would choose to use Tiger as their  brand name?

Tiger stores began trading in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 1995. Fast-forward 19 years and there are 100+ stores in 11 countries, including Ireland.

The retail outlet recently approached MakinMediaMobile to shoot a live action explainer video from a number of their Dublin branches and HQ.

They wanted to include the video in their bid for the 2014 Retail Excellence Ireland Awards.  We were happy to take on the project.

They boast an impressive variety of items for sale, everything from kids toys to spices, and the layout is bright and spacious; a browsers dream.

Just last weekend Tiger Stores won Retail Excellence Ireland’s Company of the Year 2014, which is an enormous achievement for a business who only started trading in Ireland three years ago.  We hope in some small way that our explainer video helped their pitch for the award,  by highlighting the company’s customer focus i.e. quality goods at low prices, purchased in a relaxed, friendly environment.

It is further proof of the power of explainer video.

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