Video killed the…. (Demo)

MakinMediaMobile provide a professional video strategy for innovative businesses and with the continued growth of mobile devices globally, we are here to assist companies who want to capitalise on this phenomena. From our experience we can see how production of video as a resource is not enough. To realise the full extent of video media you need to assess your current strategy and see how the use of video can benefit your company.

In today’s market, a resource such as video can be a very powerful tool but everyones’ strategy varies; there is not a ‘one-size fits all’ solution. Our team assesses all the factors, for example, do you want a focused campaign or an asset to help your sales team? It can be a subtle or direct approach as required by your business.

MakinMediaMobile will find the best route for you to get your message across.  It is all about adding value to your existing brand. Maybe as a start-up you need to raise your profile in the market place? Animation is much more than entertainment; mobile devices have enabled animation to be an extremely powerful channel to showcase your wares. Nowadays people spend so much time on their phones, often during spare time when they are more receptive such as siting on buses, trains and so on.

Video + internet = unlimited viewers

Video has unlimited geographical reach so technically your message can be seen everywhere with internet access. The biggest hurdle facing today’s businesses is reaching customers who need what you have to offer; the tricky part is letting them know where you are and what you can offer. If it is a physical product let the global logistic giants worry about getting your goods to the customer.

Consider the external elements that effect your business such as competition.  Getting found online is hard work. Customers are no longer willing to invest time in reading so you have to engage them as quickly as possible. Here is where video can really help. An opening impact followed by some worthy content can keep these viewers interested and receptive of your message.  In an age with a myriad of issues, talking about your offering gives it a credence that no amount of text can convey. No one knows your product better and it gives a personalised touch.

Now we have all seen terrific audio visual effects that engage us in our everyday lives but you will be amazed at how a simple piece of motion will draw in a viewer. Take a moment to consider the ad that is placed at the start of a YouTube video. Youtube has in excess of one billion unique viewers each month* and yeah a lot of them suffer the five second ad before the SKIP function works. But if you can grab their attention in that five seconds they will let the ad roll.

How does it actually work?

One of our customers needed to kick off an online campaign to raise funds and so wanted to communicate their message to a wide audience. The route we suggested was this form of advertising, the technical term for which is ‘Instream’ advertising. For a budget of €20/day they got over 22,000 views; that is views not hits. Nearly 20% of these stayed the course and watched the entire piece which was just over two minutes. Curiosity is a wonderful thing. Another client who had what I consider one of the finest Explainer Video around which had cost her nearly €6500 was sitting on a server, dead like a Norgwegin Parrot!


Now, MakinMediaMobile is not an agency looking to act as a middle man, here for a commission. What we want is for you to be able to do all of this stuff yourself as you see fit. Thought it kills me to say it, this is actually ‘Social Media’.  A little knowledge is dangerous and with minimal investment all of this can be done in house.

MakinMediaMobile  include a FACT FORUM as part of our service whereby we discuss all the options available to you, while generating a feel for your business. We will spare no effort in getting your message out there onto any screen available.



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