MakinMediaMobile, we’re going places.. (Demo)

Well to be exact where we are going is upstairs; for the past number of months we have been expanding the business, which of course includes hiring new employees.  More people = less space and so the only way is up; or in our case upstairs to make use of a large open plan room, utilised primarily to date as our ‘green room’.  What was once a dark room, visible only by switching on the light, is now a bright and airy space thanks to two new windows which not only allow copious amounts of light in but also give fine views into the green, cattle filled pastures beyond. As one who enjoys day dreaming, I probably should not sit next to a window….

With the expansion comes the inevitable banging, clattering and drilling which has resulted in changes to some of our processes such as recording the voice overs. It turns out that a car provides the perfect soundproofing venue when there is no other option available. Necessity is the mother of invention, eh Grainne?
The physical expansion of the company is a tangible way to view the growth of the business which is happening at a rapid pace.  We have many exciting new projects lined up, some which present challenges but out of which will add to our experience and best practice solutions.

Another string to our bow is the venture into social media offerings; tailored to suit each company’s own requirements we can set up or take full / part responsibility for your company’s social media platform offering blogs, videos, website development, training and support.  Our clients will be able to pick and choose what is relevant to their business, a sort of bespoke offering unique to each company. It is an exciting project and added to our explainer videos can provide a one-stop-shop in terms of marketing, branding and awareness of your product or service.

Almost two years in operation, this young company is going places and the only way is up.


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