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10 Mar: Bethlehem Takeaway Promotional Video Campaign (Demo)

MakinMediaMobile recently made a promotional video campaign for Bethlehem Takeaway in Athlone. Bethlehem is a family-run chain of takeaways. Adrian, from Bethlehem, was keen for the video to highlight the fact that their ingredients are fresh and locally sourced. This became the key message of the video. Having completed the video for Bethlehem…

Picture of phone with video ad

11 Dec: 5 Reasons for the rise of video (Demo)

Reason # 1 for the rise of video?  Internet usage is on the rise As of June 2015, 45% of the world’s population are internet users which is equal to approx 3.2 billion people. Twenty years ago in 1995, there were approx 16 million internet users and ten years ago in 2005…