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Boston Scientific – TIBA

Boston Scientific Cork Revolutionises Training with Mersus Technologies' Virtual Reality Solution

Boston Scientific

Boston Scientific are a leading medical device company. They focus on innovative solutions in healthcare. They are needed to provide high-value training for a complex chemical process without disrupting the company’s production lines. But traditional training methods time-consume, are costly, and can only be done in a lab setting. This presented several logistical challenges as well as the high cost and potential risks involved in conducting hands-on training.

Project Overview

Mersus Technologies, a company specialising in virtual reality solutions, in collaboration with Boston Scientific Cork, designed a digital replica of its lab on Avatar Academy Learning Experience Platform. This enables trainees to experience the chemical process in a realistic, safe environment without the need to be physically present in the lab. The resulting training program is broken down into easily digestible modules. And so, trainees can run through in sequence or jump to any module as desired and move between them, following voice and written instructions.
boston scientific solution


Boston Scientific now provide high-value training for their complex chemical process quickly and efficiently, without disrupting their production lines or requiring trainees to be physically present in the lab. So this provides a hands-on learning experience that helps users better understand the process and gain confidence in their abilities.

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Using the TIBA Avatar Academy, in the space of a day you can run six or seven times the same training process that previously would take four or five weeks! Mersus Technologies’ virtual reality solution has revolutionised the way we train our staff, and we couldn’t be happier with the results.

Tom Quilty, Process Development Fellow

Winning the ‘Best Training & Development Program’ category in the 2022 National Manufacturing and Supply Chain Awards further demonstrates the value and impact of the solution developed by Mersus Technologies.

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