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advanced visualisation - camfil germany
Camfil's experiential centre, Germany
advanced visualisation - Camfil's virtual hub
Advanced Visualisation - Camfil's virtual hub

Advanced Visualisation

Advanced visualisation is used for trade shows, product launches and experiential marketing events across a broad spectrum of Industry. This allows for new ways to showcase information, work methodologies and products, in engaging and interesting ways. Thereby leading towards saving on time and resource. Mersus is at the forefront of creating truly immersive Augmented and Virtual Reality Experiences for industry in Ireland. Mersus are passionate about being thought leaders in this emerging technology.

For marketing and sales processes, organisations will always want to put their best foot forward. However, it can be incredibly costly and impractical to haul all their products to every sales meeting, convention or show. A Forrester Consulting report found the key drivers of digital transformation were:

  • Increased speed to market
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Profitability

Mersus look towards technology innovation that will bring value to such organisations and provide solutions. By combining Advanced visualisation methods with creative storytelling, Mersus help their clients to reach their target audience.

Case Study

Camfil, a Swedish Multinational approached Mersus with a challenge. (See case study). They were looking towards a digital transformation solution that would:

  • Reduce the expense of printed material
  • Display and transport demonstration units for trade shows
  • Enhance the outcome of sales pitches

The team produced an advanced visualisation that showcased their products in real world scenarios. This allowed their customers to be further educated on the need and benefits of using Camfil. In order to reach a high volume of staff globally for deployment, the latest in advanced visualisation tools was used, namely the Oculus Go

This advanced visualisation has revolutionised their selling process.

  • Their entire catalogue in one headset complete with all information about products, demonstrations and ability to take products apart and view individual components.
  • Bring this technology on the road to trade shows and one to one sales meetings.
  • The content is centrally controlled, with new content uploaded and accessible by all. This does away with physical infrastructure problems of the past. 

advanced visualisation - Camfil

I was blown away by the team. It wasn’t about what they could do, it was the imagination behind it. They were artists.The future for Camfil marketing is what Mersus provide. To give our customers the journey and the experience that they demand from us.

David Cruise, CEBI, Camfil.