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Tell a story

Every business has a story to tell. The key to marketing is connecting with people. People connect with stories.  At Mersus, we are storytellers. Starting with the groundwork and through consultation, we establish the client’s message and the purpose of the end result. With research and careful planning, our experienced team collaborate with the client to make decisions on the necessary foundations to begin video production. These include budget, drawing up a schedule, location scouting, acquiring talent, defining the look and feel and the all important shotlist. Our creative team then set about the first steps in what they do best – telling your story.

Our capabilities extend beyond the video capture. We create the storyboards, add voiceover and music. Graphics and special effects are also well within our remit. But what makes us different? That’s easy.  With the diversity of our staff’s backgrounds and skills in various technical and artistic fields besides our video production experts, we bring a unique ability to tell stories that connect with your target audience.

video production - dublin zoo
Dublin Zoo - Vermillion

Video Production

Pre Production: The initial stage is consultation. Consultation governs our research and the client’s needs are assessed. We develop a plan of campaign, resulting in a shotlist. After feedback and building from this, the schedule of video production is agreed in partnership.

Production: Our technical team proceed with capture using state of the art equipment. We provide qualified professionals for all aspects of video production. Art director, camera and drone operators, interviewers and make up facilities are available.

Post Production: The footage is edited under the guidance of our chief editor. Colour grading, music, voiceover and motion graphics are applied. Responding to the client’s input on the first draft, the final high resolution video is sent to the client for distribution. Once the video is complete, we strategise on how best to reach your market.

Case Study – Taste Leitrim

Mersus were tasked with capturing Leitrim’s rugged scenery and waterways as well as each individual restaurant or food producer. The team captured the process of food production, preparation, presentation, staff at work, customer experience and individual specific USP’s.

Mersus captured 70 interviews over ten days using two crews. Each interview had to be conducted within an hour, including cutaways due to the time constraint. Mersus had two crews working at a time, depending on location and the availability of the Interviewees. To produce 65 videos in a month was no mean  feat, and what we learned in that timeframe will stand to us for future endeavours. View Taste Leitrim here. 

Mersus is a highly impressive and progressive multimedia production Company and one who we just love working with. Their vision, attention to detail, professionalism and creativity is remarkable and far superior to any other video production company we have worked with. Orla Casey, Director, Momentum Consulting

video production - taste leitrim
video production - ballykilcavan
Old farmyard - Ballykilcavan

Case Study – Ballykilcavan

Over the last three years, Mersus have been tasked with capturing the story of the brewery, from farming the grain, brewing the beer, the history and heritage to showcasing the beautiful surroundings. The team started out by producing a short overview video that was used to explain the intentions and dreams of the project.

With the success of the first video production and having secured further investment, the team were tasked on capturing multiple videos that coincided with Ballykilcavan’s key milestones. To date Mersus have produced seven videos and are looking to produce a long form documentary when all the short videos have been captured. View Ballykilcavan project here. 

Mersus did a fantastic job of creating promotional videos for us.  They made the filming process easy and the final videos were beautifully edited.  We even got a slot on an RTE programme because the filmmakers saw one of the Mersus videos and was so impressed by it. David Walsh Kemmis, Founder, Ballykilcavan Brewing

Case Study – Almotech

Mersus were commissioned to create an overview video to showcase what Almotech provide for their clients. Using a documentary style approach, the Mersus team interviewed the key staff members of Almotech to get on camera what they provide. The empathise was on taking a non-scripted style when interviewing the people involved. The team travelled to Almotech’s clients to showcase the work done by Almotech staff. Almotech did not have to sell themselves. The testimonials from their clients did the selling for them.

Once all the footage was captured, the narrative for the video was created in the edit. This approach worked out very well as all the people interviewed came across naturally. You can view the project here. 

Mersus were a joy to work with. Their documentary style approach ensured that our video promo flowed naturally. This was complimented by their creative, aesthetic shooting style. Their storytelling abilities and interview skills were second to none. We could completely trust their team to represent our company professionally with our clients. We were extremely happy with the final product; it was the perfect solution for our business. We will be returning to Mersus in the future. Aisling Egan, Multimedia Designer, Almotech Ltd

video production
Almotech - on the road