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Robotic Arm and PLC Training

FIT (Fastrack to Information Technology) conducts robotic arm training, but the size and cost of the robot used limited access to the course. FIT also expressed interest in providing other courses virtually, beginning with their PLC training. FIT wanted a digital transformation solution that would:
  • Match the value of real-world training
  • Extend the time available for practical exercises
  • Train remotely, independent of set course hours


Three parallel projects were required to address FIT’s training needs: a Robotic Arm Training course, a PLC Training course, and a hub for logging in and gathering analytical data. FIT provided access to training material and equipment, all of which was used to create the narrative documents for each course. The two training courses were created as parallel projects, along with a central hub for these and future courses. These projects ran over a 6 month period.

FIT provided a lecture and demonstration of the training material to be presented, which was captured in photo and video. These lessons were converted into narrative documents, which included voiceover and text instruction, visual prompts and highlights, and actions to be taken by the trainee. From there, a design document with concept art, UI design and storyboards pinned down the look and feel of the apps.

Working from photos and technical documents, designers built 3D virtual assets and environments. All assets were adapted to bring an authentic feel to the experience and optimised to take the best advantage of mobile VR headsets’ capabilities. The completed suite was presented to FIT for final testing and approval. User acceptance testing was completed and passed. The application was deployed across a fleet of Oculus for Business headsets to be used by their students moving forward.

When I went back, I’d already absorbed so much, unbeknownst to myself, so that when I tried the training content a second time, I was pacing through it much faster.
Peter Davitt, CEO, FIT

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