Over the last three years, Mersus have been tasked with capturing the story of the brewery, from farming the grain, brewing the beer, the history and heritage to showcasing the beautiful surroundings. The team started out by producing a short overview video that was used to explain the intentions and dreams of the project.

With the success of the first video production and having secured further investment, the team were tasked on capturing multiple videos that coincided with Ballykilcavan’s key milestones. To date Mersus have produced seven videos and are looking to produce a long form documentary when all the short videos have been captured. View Ballykilcavan project here. 

Mersus did a fantastic job of creating promotional videos for us.  They made the filming process easy and the final videos were beautifully edited.  We even got a slot on an RTE programme because the filmmakers saw one of the Mersus videos and was so impressed by it. David Walsh Kemmis, Founder, Ballykilcavan Brewing

video production - ballykilcavan

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