The Storyboard: an essential ingredient (Demo)

We have been busy bees here at MakinMediaMobile developing our latest Explainer Video for OxyMem.  Our first step in developing the ad was a fact forum meeting which established what the company was about: its product, vision and goals.

The next stage was the storyboard where the concept  had to showcase how contaminated water, home to nasty bugs, germs etc. becomes oxidized via a process which actually cleans the water to a drinkable standard, without the need for harsh chemicals. Amazing! Each stage in the storyboard had to form a snapshot which enabled us to communicate our vision of the company and its product by way of animation to those nice people at OxyMem. Luckily for us they liked it.  You can visit their website here.

The storyboard is a perfect opportunity to brainstorm and get the creative juices flowing.  Our lead animators visualise the concept  and before you can say  “mine’s a pint” their talented digits are  putting pencil to paper creating the first rough sketches. The digitised final product is a long way from the initial draft but nonetheless owes its creation and completion to that first essential ingredient in explainer video creation – the storyboard.

Check out our ‘nasty bugs’ faces (not to  be confused with feces) as they are about to be vaporized!

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Take a quick look at our slideshow or even better why not click on the link to see the finished product. If you would like to find out more about our explainer videos, click here.

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