Explanation Videos for Export Businesses (Demo)

Explanation Videos For Export
So you have a business that has the potential to export abroad. You have worked out the logistics and have the ability to get it out there. However, nobody knows what your product or service is. How do you reach out to these potential customers? Our solution is Explanation Videos.

Case Study for Explanation Videos

Recently we approached a business in Galway called Advanced Science. They have come up with a solution that saves bees from dying out from a disease called Nosema. HiveAlive is designed to be feed to bees in their hive in late summer and early autumn. Over the winter months the bees digest the syrup and it helps to strengthen them. They currently export this product globally through a number of local distributors. MakinMediaMobile sat down with the Advance Science scientists to see if we could illustrated their process in a way that transcended language barriers. The solution was creating and animated explanation videos with individual language inserts for each of the language required. Below is a link to the finished piece.

On approval of the ‘master’ copy it was then translated into six separate explanation videos. In each the graphics and text had each a specific language. This would be the most simple process. We could have got voiceovers done in the different languages but the client was happy that the video would stand on it’s own with the use of music and sound effects.

Explanation Videos are a great way to allow your business to be heard. It is all about simplifying what your message is so you can showcase your product or service. This will maximise potential customers for your business. Using YouTube, you are able to reach specific geographical locations and audience interests. This is covered in more detail in a previous blog.

What are the other advantages?

Explanation videos that are done correctly generate inbound marketing for you. This will lead to increased sales, brand awareness and traffic for your website without you lifting a finger. Your website will rank higher in search engine. Your business will be giving a personality. Customers will know what you are about. This is case especially if you deal with customers mainly online or internationally giving an opportunity to gain trust in you and the product that you sell.
If you would like to hear how we can create an explanation video for your business, simply contact through our website here.

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Very interesting case study. I like that through animated video people became aware of the product and services of the business. In this case study you have told about bee’s disease and how we can overcome this problem. People will became aware of what’s happening in their surrounding through animated video.

Exceptionally intriguing contextual analysis. I like that through energized video individuals wound up mindful of the item and administrations of the business. For this situation ponder you have told about honey bee’s ailment and how we can conquer this issue. Individuals will ended up mindful of what’s occurring in their encompassing through animated video.

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