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Cloud Computing (Demo)

There is a revolution happening as we speak, the migration to ‘cloud’ computing is taking place. Arguably more important than the Internet Revolution of the 20th century, in terms of impact on all our lives. While in the first decade of this century, the bigger players jostled for market position, how business is done is about to really change. High street retail has taken a big hit, online is growing daily. Cloud computing has far reaching implication for the way we all do business.

So this cloud thing, what does it mean and to business? Your business to be more specific! Okay, the bottom line is a reduction in cost. But hey, that’s a good thing last time I checked, it also means that services that were previously the domain of corporations can now be used by you and your company as costly infrastructure is no longer required. Online video is a great example of this.

From my experience, the video guy would arrive with all their fancy equipment. Shouting orders here there and every where, require ‘on site’ catering and be all union organisations with no flexible work practices. On top of that they would drop you a huge invoice on their way out the door. But the computer revolution has brought these prima donnas down to earth and with that spawned ‘Youtube’!! Youtube, but that’s for teenage girls to look at their favourite pop groups you might say!! That’s where you are wrong.

Youtube is the second largest online search engine in the world!! Yes owned by….Google, no less who are…yeah there you guess it the largest search engine in the world. While Microsoft, Apple and Dell  were making computers, operating systems etc. The Google crew were making the stuff that looks for the stuff you want to read and now more importantly…watch.

Telly on demand! You and your company need to hop aboard this train. Now as the little basket weaving company in Leitrim can showcase wares anywhere in the world for very low cost. Think of it like this, you no longer have to take on board the huge costs of getting a sales team in the locale required. Make a short video, post it on Youtube and send the link on to your potential customer, viola.